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May 5, 2010 UG Uganda

By James Allman-Gulino, KF11 Uganda

It’s now a little more than a week into my Kiva fellowship, and I’ve settled into my work at BRAC Uganda and gotten well-acquainted with Kampala.  The city is a great place – it’s bustling and full of energy, and the populace is very welcoming and outgoing.  Kampala and Uganda in general also enjoys a fantastic climate, and offers a huge variety of great produce – bananas, avocados, cassava, you name it.

But an area that Kampala doesn’t do so well in is public infrastructure.  Electricity and internet...

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Apr 4, 2010 UG Uganda

By James Allman-Gulino, KF11 Uganda

Hello Kiva community and friends, my name is James Allman-Gulino, and I’m part of the new Kiva Fellows class (the 11th class since the program’s creation!).  By way of introduction, I hail from Washington, DC, and work for Deloitte Consulting LLP.  For the next six months, however, I will be in Uganda working with three of Kiva’s partner microfinance institutions (MFIs), or, as you see them called on the Kiva website, “Field Partners.”  The Field Partners I will be...

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Dec 12, 2009 UG Uganda

by Jed Goldstein (KF9)

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but is "Christmasy"

Here at Pearl Microfinance we have a pretty tough task ahead of us: JOURNALING, JOURNALING and more JOURNALING.  Don’t get me wrong, I love journaling just as much as the next guy, but when you are dealing with a microfinance vehicle that disburses 275,000$ per month in Kiva loans, that is a lot of loans to keep track of and a lot of loans to follow up...

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Nov 11, 2009 UG Uganda

by Jed Goldstein, KF9, Uganda

After a 10 hr bus journey to Kihihi from Kampala on bumpy dirt roads, it was Aaron Coplands Rodeo ballet that began to play in my mind as I stepped off the bus and began to explore the town that lay before me. Kihihi is the modern Ugandan version of the wild American west that Copland so effectively captures in his compositions. As I explored a bit, I could not help but compare the roars of dirtbikes rolling down the muddy thoroughfare to the click-clock sound made by a horse’s hooves. The expansiveness of the terrain, combined with the...

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Oct 10, 2009 UG Uganda

By: Jed Goldstein (KF9, Uganda)

Hi my name is Jed Goldstein and this is my first blog post as a Kiva Fellow. I arrived in Uganda 4 days ago on Saturday afternoon and began work with Pearl Microfinance on Monday. So far I have felt incredibly “welcome.” I surround “welcome” with quotation marks because meeting someone new and introducing yourself in Uganda is a serious act not to be taken lightly.

The first phase of introduction requires a firm handshake and a level of prolonged eye contact. If you are strong enough to make it through the mini staring contest a local...

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Aug 8, 2009 UG Uganda

by Grace Nattoolo , Kiva Coordinator at Pearl Microfinance in Uganda

I know and believe so, that many have been wondering about Grace, and her blog postings. Yes, I have taken some months without blogging but good enough, the interesting stories about the clients’ businesses and social lives still appear on the website for you to read and fund if possible.


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Aug 8, 2009 KE Kenya

By Jaclyn Berfond, Laura Buhler, Alison Carlman, Joel Carlman and Cameron Morris

Last weekend the East African Kiva Fellows delegation descended upon the bustling streets of Kampala, Uganda and the banks of the Nile River for two days of intense knowledge transfer and mild revelry. We spent hours discussing the importance of data validity in performing operational cost analyses and tried to debunk the myth that OpenOffice does not properly save .csv files for uploading repayment information to PA2. We also had a little fun. We left Kampala feeling...

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May 5, 2009 UG Uganda

At the beginning of April, Grace and I began an effort to decentralize the Kiva process at Pearl. This is the formal way of saying that we planned to visit the branches and carry out a training program that would make the Kiva process such that we would no longer be required to rip our skirts, miss spending time with our families and friends and spend 4-8 hours per day bumping along the roads of Uganda in taxis (the minibuses that Grace wrote about in a previous post).

One of...

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Apr 4, 2009 UG Uganda

Sometimes, when interviewing the entrepreneurs from Pearl Microfinance, Uganda, I am startled to discover how many businesses they have. They are teachers with a few milk cows on the side, or used clothing salespeople who also keep pigs, or farmers who also raise cassava, matoke, and chickens! These ‘super entrepreneurs’ amaze me, but I am always left wondering why do they choose to have so many businesses. Wouldn’t it be better for them to focus just one? Each cycle they could inject all their loan money into one business and it would take off!

As is typical when I am making...

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Apr 4, 2009 UG Uganda

Thank you for all the loans you make to Kiva. As a Kiva Fellow, I get the joy of receiving the gratitude that is truly meant for all of you.

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting Florence Musola at a loan disbursement for the Balikyewunya Borrower’s Group. She was one of the first members to arrive at the meeting, so we were able to carry out a lengthy interview while the other members trickled in. It was fortunate that we got started early because Florence had lots to tell us about being a florist in Kampala, Uganda.

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