Feb 6, 2009 PY Paraguay


Kiva training is done. My bags are packed. I’m about as ready as I can be to make it from San Diego, to LAX, to Houston, to Buenos Aires, and then on to Asuncion, Paraguay.  So, here I am, ready to depart for another meet and greet with customs officials, and it seems appropriate to spend a little time thinking and sharing about why, exactly, I’ve decided to hit the road again.  On Kiva’s website, each lender creates a profile by...

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Feb 6, 2009 NI Nicaragua

My name is Megan Montgomery, and I am writing from Houston International Airport on my way out for five and a half months of adventures as a Kiva Fellow. I am in a unique position, as this is my second time to have the privilege of serving as a Kiva Fellow. I spent last summer working at Kiva Field partners Friendship Bridge and FAPE in Guatemala. I enjoyed the experience immensely, but felt there was still much to learn. Therefore, I head out once again to see microfinance in action, liaison between Kiva and partner MFIs, and hopefully help these MFIs learn more about Kiva and how best to...

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Feb 3, 2009

From San Francisco to Cambodia, Tajikistan and beyond. Kiva Fellows class 7 is off into the field… with cameras in hand. Look out for more interesting videos from the fellows as we embark on this incredible Kiva journey. And please share your thoughts with us.

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Feb 3, 2009 RW Rwanda

Training microfinance institution (MFI) staff on Kiva never gets old no matter how many times I do it. The excitement lies in the great unknown of which questions they will ask once I’ve said my piece. Across the board, the staff I meet are professional and dedicated to their work. Most have been serving hundreds of clients for years before I dropped in to introduce Kiva, so it is not surprising that they are both slightly perplexed by this new element and also extremely invested in understanding it completely. Their questions illuminate for me how confusing Kiva is upon first (or...

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Feb 2, 2009 ID Indonesia

My first and only post was back in September 2008 – I had just finished training for the Kiva Fellowship, although I wasn’t leaving until January and still did not know where I was going. I got word in November that I was heading to Bali, Indonesia! Since my departure dates were a little off cycle from the rest of the KF7 class, this is my first official post as a Kiva Fellow.

Since I arrived in Bali to begin my Fellowship with the DINARI Foundation, I have not stopped sweating. I expected the heat; I expected the humidity. But the...

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Feb 1, 2009 TJ Tajikistan

Pamir Mountains - Photo by Oytun Orguil

When I set out to research Tajikistan a few months ago, I figured that it would be challenging but didn’t realize exactly how difficult it would be to find accurate, up-to-date information on this small, land-locked country in Central Asia.

Aside from a single chapter in a Central Asia guidebook by Lonely Planet and a few websites, there is relatively little information available for those interested in traveling to...

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Jan 30, 2009 MX Mexico

Greetings from Zacatecas, capital city of the state of Zacatecas, Mexico!

I have spent the better part of the week camped out in this fine colonial city to continue to bring ADMIC journal updates to Kiva lenders. Yesterday, I met Maria de la Luz and learned about her family’s potato chip making business.

This should have been a fantastic journal update for some Kiva lender but sometimes the great work of a microfinance institution (mfi) like Mexico’s ADMIC is not funded by Kiva dollars.  As I am sure has happened to other fellows, the microfinance partner staff...

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Jan 30, 2009 DO Dominican Republic

After approximately a year of waiting I finally made it to my destination: the micro finance institute (MFI) Esperanza/Hope International located in balmy, beautiful Santo Domingo! Kalie Gold (another Kiva Fellow) and Analin (Kiva Coordinator) have been gracious enough to show me the ropes, and there is plenty to do. Right now we are currently working on designing a short training course for getting better profile pictures, more journal updates, getting documents sent on a timely manner, etc.

I was really excited to learn that Esperanza/Hope International are getting ready to launch...

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Jan 29, 2009

Back at Kiva HQ, KF7 has made it to the the forth of five days of training. Tonight we are having the first “New Lender Challenge”.  Teams have been divided up from Kiva staff and KF7 and the team with the most successful invites by tomorrow wins a huge prize.  Please encourage your friends/family/contacts to register on Kiva tonight!

Register here:


Referred by a friend? (PLEASE ADD)


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Jan 28, 2009 KH Cambodia

Like the windshield on a motor-taxi in Phnom Penh rush hour, transparency is vital to Kiva’s survival. To give interest-free loans, lenders deserve to know that every cent of their money is being distributed exactly as promised, whilst borrowers have the right not to be misrepresented.

An important aspect of this transparency, and one which Kiva takes very seriously, is the integrity of the data on its website. Allowing inaccurate data is the first step towards encouraging fraud on the site, which would have severe reputational consequences for Kiva.

A key data check is...

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