A past fellow to Tanzania, Alec Lovett, posted two blogs on “You Know You’re in Tanzania When…” I’ve posted the links to his blogs and added volume III with my own observations. Enjoy!



Volume III

1. They say “Hakuna Matata,” which is actually Swahili but it’s still funny.

2. The water stops running in the middle of your shower. (This only applies if you are lucky enough to have running water).

3. You meet someone with a pet monkey.

4. You spend 10 minutes just with greetings.

5. The children point at you and yell “mzungu”.

6. Someone passes you his or her baby to hold in the dala-dala.

7. The dala-dala won’t leave until its full, which means the person on your lap has someone on his or her lap.

8. Half the channels play Bollywood films, which are actually addicting.

9. Women wear crazy colored kangas (traditional fabrics) that don’t match at all.

10. People order beer warm.


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