Many lenders find Kiva to be a unique and long-lasting way to honor loved ones. As funds can be re-loaned over and over again, the tribute to your loved one can grow over time.

Create a tribute-based Lending Team

You can create a Lending Team as a tribute and track your group's collective lending activity in one place.

A Lending Team is a group of Kiva lenders affiliated with each other as part of a team. Members of Kiva Lending Teams continue lending as individuals, but they have the added option to count each loan they make towards the overall impact of the tribute team.

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Real Tributes

Here are some stories of how Kiva lenders are using Kiva for memorials.

Kalpna Mistry Memorial "Kalpna Mistry was an amazing and tireless Global Studies teacher at Berkeley International High School. She taught her students about global cultures in unique and progressive ways. Rather than only using text books, she used modern technology as well. By using Kiva in the classroom for a unit on microfinance, she showed her students how entrepreneurs in developing nations can benefit from simple actions done everyday by the students halfway around the world. The students raised funds on their own, even using their own lunch money, and chose Kiva entrepreneurs from various countries and professions. The students walked away believing that the cycle of lending was simply an extension of Ms. Mistry's dedication and generosity, traits that now became their own. In continuing with the tradition Ms. Mistry started, BIHS, family, and friends have started a Kiva memorial lending team in her honor so future students can learn more about the world and themselves."

— Sidarth, Mountain View, CA

In Memory of Asher Green "I joined Kiva on June 9, my brother Asher’s birthday. Asher died in a hiking accident in Peru in November of the previous year. Before leaving for Peru, Asher worked as a chef in New York; he had a great passion for food and a wonderful way of connecting with people through that passion. I try to imagine lending through Kiva as a joint project. I try to focus on loans in the “Food” sector. I look for projects I think would have excited Asher. I imagine him chatting with a butcher in Tanzania or the two of us having a beer in a restaurant in Cambodia.

In September I noticed Kiva had added the "Lending Team" function. Being a Kiva lender had been very satisfying and I liked the idea of the lending team as a way to give others a reason to join. I also liked how the lending teams balance the group effort with letting each member follow their own heart. So, I invited Asher's friends, and my own friends and family, to join. Asher had lived such a rich life, and had connected with so many people. I like to believe that the lending team provides those impacted by Asher’s loss with a way to sustain their connection to him. Hopefully the loans we make as a team also help make up for some the wonderful things Asher didn’t have a chance to achieve."

— Boaz, Washington D.C.,

Westside Unitarian Universalist Church: Kennedy Group Memorial Fund

"Our dear friend Gino was nearing the end of her long and fruitful life. She had spent it doing things for many different people, including her two husbands, her children, her many friends, her church, and hundreds of college students whom she helped transform into caring teachers.

But one thing was left undone: "I was hoping to set up a micro-bank to help poor women in other lands," she told one friend a week before her death.

"Oh! I didn’t know that," her friend responded. "We can do that. You have done many fine things for our church – you were even one of our founders! Your friends can set this up, I know they will. I will see to it!"

That very day, the friend drafted a letter to the church establishing the Gino Kennedy Memorial Fund for the Reduction of Poverty at the Westside Unitarian-Universalist Church in Fort Worth Texas. A friend contributed $5,000 to start the fund. Gino passed peacefully away a few days later.

The church looked for the best vehicle to begin this project, and decided that Kiva was the right place. That was in June, 2006. The Westside Kennedy Fund now has made over 60 loans, usually about $100 each. Our money is joined by loans from people not only in the US but around the world. Like so many of Kiva’s lenders, they are re-lending many of these funds.

As the church has gained members, they have decided to donate a portion of our Sunday offering every week to a needy group. The Kennedy Fund will receive the plate donation in September, 2008, amounting to over $1000.

"I have received more satisfaction from this gift than any I have ever made," said the original donor. "The good we can do goes on and on. I now think of the people across the world whom we have helped as part of our congregation’s life story."

— Ann, Fort Worth, TX

Thank you!

Kiva would like to thank those who have honored their loved ones by lending with Kiva, and in so doing have positively affected thousands of lives around the globe.

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