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Kiva U is a movement which harnesses the energy, passion and creativity of young leaders and educators to address the world’s critical problems through microfinance.

From poverty alleviation to clean energy, from child nutrition to access to clean water -- microfinance is a powerful force for change. Kiva U brings together students and teachers in a virtual community where they can access tools and resources, to create opportunity for people around the world.

Partnering with Citi, Kiva U connects and mobilizes microfinance clubs at high schools and colleges across the country to further the efforts to expand financial inclusion and broaden access for traditionally underserved communities.

Through experiential learning, digital collaboration, Kiva's crowdfunding, and the power of convening, Kiva U empowers students and educators to become better informed, empowered, and active agents of change.

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Kiva U Toolkits

Want to inspire a group at your school? Find the "how to" guides, toolkits, and materials you need to start a Kiva U team and educate others on and off campus. When you’re armed with these tools, motivating students, friends, and family will be a piece of cake!

Kiva U Team Directory

Want to join a Kiva U team on your campus? (A Kiva U team is any team registered as one of the following categories: Colleges/Universities, Schools, and Youth.) Browse our directory of teams to connect, lend and learn with people like you! There are thousands of college, school, and youth group teams so far – and many more on the way. Can’t find a team that fits? We’ve got everything you need to start your own!

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Lesson Plans

Want to use microfinance as a real-life teaching tool? Want to help your students understand poverty and global citizenship through project-based learning following Common Core standards? Find curricula and lesson plans at, a community of thousands of teachers sharing what works in their classrooms.

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Want to stay up to date on all things Kiva U and other Kiva U teams? Join our Facebook Group to see posts from Kiva, share your stories, promote your events, and connect with other students and teachers.

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