Apr 18, 2013 KV Kiva HQ
By Emily Wakefield
Kiva opens new office in Nairobi, Kenya!
We're thrilled to announce that we launched our new office in Nairobi, Kenya last night! So thrilled that we are literally jumping for joy!

Kiva staff members celebrating outside the new office.

Why Nairobi?

We're so glad you asked! It was an obvious choice because we currently have 16 field partners in Kenya -- the most we have in one country! On top of that, the United States and Kenya are currently the only countries where we're growing the Kiva Zip pilot program.

What's even cooler, the office is located on the campus of one of our partners (our first tuition loan partner to be exact), Strathmore University. Strathmore is one of the leading private universities in Kenya, and Kiva is currently funding loans to help students pay for school and other expenses like laptops.

Strathmore's Business School -- where you'll find Kiva's new office!

We're excited to grow Kiva’s international presence and this is a great first step!

Kiva CEO Matt Flannery spoke at the launch. Kiva President Premal Shah was also on hand for the festivities.

Any questions about our new office? Send us an email at blog@kiva.org.


Welcome to Kenya! Keep up the good work.

I am so thrilled that you opened the office in Nairobi. I work in the village of Olosho-Oibor with the Maasai. We opened a safe house for girls in 2011. I hope to have a conversation about Kiva and the possibilities with the Maasai.

Hi Gayl I am interested in the work you are doing with the Maasai, what is the name of your organization ? I am visiting Kenya in February 2014 to make contact with women and girl empowerment organizations in the East Africa region and would like to be in touch. Many thanks Kim Munro

It is great to see that Kiva is so active in Kenya, and we would like to congratulate you on opening up your new office in Nairobi. David and Helen

Congratulations Kiva!!! Welcome to Kenya.

Great! Great to have you near us!! Keep the good work. Motorbank KIVA team

Very cool development for Kiva! Congrats.

I am so glad to hear about that.Now my dream will come true with Kiva in the land.

Commendable job! I met the Kiva team at iHUB and you guys are just amazing! Welcome!

t is great to see that Kiva is so active in Kenya, and we would like to congratulate you on opening up your new office in Nairobi

I'm eye-ing you for a smart idea...i shall get to formally explain that in a weeks time

Congrats to Kiva welcome to Kenya and save us.

the kiva offices are inside strathmore university?

It seems your celebrations were a bit premature given the publicity the partnership is now generating. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/08/26/1234023/-Kiva-org-in-bed-with-O...

Hi Kiva, You sent me a registration form to become a borrower but unfortunately i lost it from my computer before i could fill and send it back. Could you please send me another one?

where are your offices in nairobi?

Please send me contacts for Kiva's Nairobi Office. Need to visit and speak with your staff on how I can borrow some loan to start a grocer/Rabbit farming

please help me how to get a loan from you please

Hi. Im really interested in what ur doing? I will visit your offices soon. All the best.

As a community care giver...want to be part of the team and you are welcomed in Mtwapa Mombasa. Am an equal borrower and volunteer

you are all the youths of kenya needed, i hope you will receive support so that you extend your services to all the counties, thanks kiva for your good work.

How do i start a process of borrowing?can i get bussines loan?

I need a loan to expand n buy products for my barbershop business.

We have a cooperative society in kipkaren river that deal with microfinance and table banking. We would like to know if kiva can grant us loans to imrove our capital base

Excited that kiva is here. Hope to partner with you to bring education to under served kids through my social enterprise. I will visit you at Strathmore this week. Thanks.

I would like to get a loan with you

I cant believe what ii have read.I work with women in the community and our vision is to do poultry farming and later have a hatchery and feed production.I will visit your offices soon. Great job keep it up.

Hi, i'm elated to find out that Kiva now has offices in Nairobi. I'm a college graduate with seven years experience as a banker. However, my true passion is to set my own extreme sporting venture which is a field thats largely unexplored. I can come over to your offices for further discussions as its walking distance from Strathmore University. Thanks Kind regards Carol Nairobi

how can i qualify for a loan???? i have applied for several times but received no reply.....

Hi,am gland that you are now in Kenya,and will visit your offices soon....thanks kiva for coming to improve Kenyans life.

We are a youth group in Mombasa registered with the ministry of sport and gender how can we collaborate because we always empower youths and women.

congratz kiva

please can you give us the telephone number for the kenya office

Hi i need loan from kiva but i don,t know how to apply.Kindly advice me.Thanks

A belated comment but its a encouraging to see that kiva considered worthwhile to open an office in kenya Kenyan Chambers Www.kenyanchambers.or.ke

we would appreciate to make a presentation of our training programmed which are oriented towards developing a sustainable financial interactions for local organizations , groups and NGO's

I have been trying unsuccessfully to apply for the post of Office Manager - but have hit a wall where the password reaches. Please let me know process of sending you my application and CV

I have been trying unsuccessfully to apply for the post of Office Manager - but have hit a wall where the password reaches. Please let me know process of sending you my application and CV

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