We launched our partnership with Yellow Leaf Hammocks just over 3 months ago, and already progress is being made. Yellow Leaf provides high-wage weaving jobs to artisans in the hill tribe communities of rural northern Thailand. By creating an international sales channel for high-margin eco-luxe hammocks, Yellow Leaf empowers these marginalized people to alleviate poverty, advocate for social justice, and combat environmental degradation.

Traditional hunting and gathering in this region of Thailand has been significantly disrupted by rapid deforestation and economic development. This has left the people there with no land ownership rights or knowledge of agriculture or other sources of income. Many have no choice other than to work for neighboring tribes or take up toxic slash-and-burn farming practices. 

Now some of the Yellow Leaf people are achieving sustained economic success through their hammock weaving. Not only are they receiving high wages, but weavers are trained and can manage their workflows according to their family priorities. 

Since launching last December, nine Yellow Leaf hammock weavers have joined the Kiva partnership. Just 30 days after receiving their Kiva loans, here is an update on how their lives have been impacted so far (we're really excited about what's happening!):

You can learn more about Yellow Leaf Hammocks' partnership with Kiva here. If you have questions, send them our way at blog@kiva.org.

Images and information courtesy of Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

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