With yesterday's release of new changes to the Kiva website, we’re excited to introduce a new dashboard to your Kiva Portfolio page. Our hope is that this new dashboard will be an easy way to visualize the impact you’re making on Kiva -- through loans, donations, invitations, lending teams, global reach, etc. 




As Manager of Kiva’s Community Support team, I talk to lenders all the time who are interested in seeing more stats, charts and graphs. They tell me how these tools help create a deeper sense of understanding of their own portfolio, and also help increase a sense of understanding of difference they’re making for borrowers. I’m a visual person, so I get the desire to “see” where my money’s going and what it’s doing -- and to understand how that connects to the greater work of Kiva. It enables me to feel more engaged with and connected to Kiva’s mission. And that’s exactly what we had in mind when we started brainstorming for this dashboard. 
The goal of this project is to refresh the existing “My Impact” section of the portfolio page to not only make it more visually engaging, but to diversify and enrich the content it displays. We hope this dashboard will include a little something for everyone -- no matter how long you’ve been on Kiva or how much money you’ve invested. With that in mind, I’m excited to share a few things you’ll now see highlighted when you log into your Kiva account: 
  • Total deposits and total amount lent: One of the great things about Kiva is the multiplier effect. With $25 someone can not only make one loan, but when that loan is repaid, they can lend it out again and again -- making an even greater impact in the lives of borrowers around the world. Your dashboard now displays both the total amount of funds you’ve deposited into Kiva and the total amount of loans you’ve made using that money. 
  • Loans by you and your invitees: This is the core of Kiva, so of course we want you to be able to see the number of loans you’ve made around the world! And not only that, you can now see where you rank in terms of the percentile of all Kiva lenders, and how many loans have been made through the people you’ve invited to join Kiva. 
  • Average donations per $25 loan: While Kiva doesn’t take a cut of the loans made on our website, we rely on donations from our lender community to cover our operational expenses. We ask for a donation of $3.75 per $25 loan to enable us to operate and reach more borrowers around the world.
  • Kiva countries: We’ve found that one of most common things lenders consider when choosing what borrower to support is where they are located. As a global organization, at Kiva we’re looking tohelp expand access to financial services around the world -- and now you can easily see your global reach as well. 
This dashboard is just the first step in helping to improve the Kiva Portfolio page, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of these updates. If you have suggestions for other tools or stats that would help you to better understand your activity on Kiva, or make you feel more engaged, please let us know by emailing blog@kiva.org.


About the author

Laura Piper

Laura joined Kiva in 2010, bringing with her a background of marketing, communications and design. As Senior Manager, Community she leads a team of staff and interns in providing a high level of customer service and technical support to over 1.2 million Kiva and Kiva Zip lenders. In addition to her role as lender advocate when it comes to making into product and policy decisions at Kiva, she helps run user research efforts with the goal of gaining a deeper knowledge of Kiva's diverse and passionate lender community. Having time spent working in South Sudan and traveling throughout the developing world, she's passionate about using technology to create positive change around the globe.