Apr 16, 2013 KV Kiva HQ
By Laura Piper
Introducing the Kiva portfolio dashboard

With yesterday's release of new changes to the Kiva website, we’re excited to introduce a new dashboard to your Kiva Portfolio page. Our hope is that this new dashboard will be an easy way to visualize the impact you’re making on Kiva -- through loans, donations, invitations, lending teams, global reach, etc. 




As Manager of Kiva’s Community Support team, I talk to lenders all the time who are interested in seeing more stats, charts and graphs. They tell me how these tools help create a deeper sense of understanding of their own portfolio, and also help increase a sense of understanding of difference they’re making for borrowers. I’m a visual person, so I get the desire to “see” where my money’s going and what it’s doing -- and to understand how that connects to the greater work of Kiva. It enables me to feel more engaged with and connected to Kiva’s mission. And that’s exactly what we had in mind when we started brainstorming for this dashboard. 
The goal of this project is to refresh the existing “My Impact” section of the portfolio page to not only make it more visually engaging, but to diversify and enrich the content it displays. We hope this dashboard will include a little something for everyone -- no matter how long you’ve been on Kiva or how much money you’ve invested. With that in mind, I’m excited to share a few things you’ll now see highlighted when you log into your Kiva account: 
  • Total deposits and total amount lent: One of the great things about Kiva is the multiplier effect. With $25 someone can not only make one loan, but when that loan is repaid, they can lend it out again and again -- making an even greater impact in the lives of borrowers around the world. Your dashboard now displays both the total amount of funds you’ve deposited into Kiva and the total amount of loans you’ve made using that money. 
  • Loans by you and your invitees: This is the core of Kiva, so of course we want you to be able to see the number of loans you’ve made around the world! And not only that, you can now see where you rank in terms of the percentile of all Kiva lenders, and how many loans have been made through the people you’ve invited to join Kiva. 
  • Average donations per $25 loan: While Kiva doesn’t take a cut of the loans made on our website, we rely on donations from our lender community to cover our operational expenses. We ask for a donation of $3.75 per $25 loan to enable us to operate and reach more borrowers around the world.
  • Kiva countries: We’ve found that one of most common things lenders consider when choosing what borrower to support is where they are located. As a global organization, at Kiva we’re looking tohelp expand access to financial services around the world -- and now you can easily see your global reach as well. 
This dashboard is just the first step in helping to improve the Kiva Portfolio page, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of these updates. If you have suggestions for other tools or stats that would help you to better understand your activity on Kiva, or make you feel more engaged, please let us know by emailing blog@kiva.org.



The functions incorporated in this page are great, but reduce the font sizes of the "headline" opening stats; presently they're too "in your face," About half present size would do, or put them in a smallish box over in a corner, or even a "rollover box." Peace,

I think that the size of the numbers is way too big. The only thing that I like is how many countries I've made loans in. I won't go so far as to threaten not lending in the future, but I will threaten not making any further donations to Kiva.

No, not more numbers please! Many of us (especially the heavy lenders/addicts) are attracted to Kiva by the PEOPLE - the photos, the stories. Although it is no doubt good to have all the figures accessible - put them down the bottom. The new enormous, top of the page numbers are a big turn off for many of us.

I was actually quite shocked when I opened the portfolio page yesterday and the numbers jumped at me. They are too big and into your face. They also reminded me that I had already loaned much more than I intended, and so I abondened actually a plan to upload more money. The main reason I go to the portfolio page to see if there are new messages from any of my teams and I would like to have that at the top of the page. The numbers can be at the bottom. I agree that the new layout is more visual than the old table, just make it much, much smaller. I do like the country function. Among the countries that I haven't loaned yet to, it would be nice to see which ones have loans on the site. E.g. for me it shows Turkey as a missing country, and then I rushed to the site to pick up a Turkish loan but of course there weren't any.

I am not a fan of this change. As already stated the font size is way too large. OUTSTANDING does not need to be in all capital letters. It draws my eye to how much money I have put into Kiva when I really need to have more self control. This kind of table would work better on the View All page of my portfolio. I love numbers, and there are tons of different ways to look at different statistics. Yet, I come to Kiva for the people. I want to see the people that I loan to, and the people that I connect with on the message boards. I do like the country list though. That made it easier to set up my autolending for the two countries I am missing.

I like the new dashboard for individual lenders. What I do not like is the fairly recent new dashboard for teams--you have to scroll down the page quite a ways before you see the team totals.

I like the new dashboard for individual lenders. What I do not like is the fairly recent new dashboard for teams--you have to scroll down the page quite a ways before you see the team totals.

I like the new dashboard for individual lenders. What I do not like is the fairly recent new dashboard for teams--you have to scroll down the page quite a ways before you see the team totals.

I also am a visual person, so I do get the desire to “see” where my money’s going and what it’s doing . But the main point of Kiva is not statitistics but to help people and to interact with other people in achieving this. This is what caused me to loans way more than I ever intended. The statistics are way too big and it a too prominant place. I go to this page on a regular basis to see whether any new messages have come in and to coordinate loans. Now everytime I do this the first thing I see are these giant green numbers. Well actually in my case it is the second thing I see. The first thing are the messages and just by the time I want to click on one the statistics are loaded and my message drop from my screen. Very annoying! The other promblem with the number is that they are inacurate. The amount loaned in included the expired loans and that does matter in my case. I have lots of them. The percentage donation per loan is obviously going down when you make a lot of loans. For one thing when I reloan money that came back I am not going to donate again. When I loan (sometimes for the third time) refunded money from expired I am nog going to donate again. I am not against change perse, but as someone who uses Kiva on a regular basis I find this page hard to work with. I find it also very frustrating because we did have a lot of issues with expired loans last year and were told that not many changes could be made because of limited staff and now we get this. And there will be more... I am not ready to stop lending yet, because the borrowers cannot help it, but I am certanly not going to donate for this. (Sorry for the spelli^w typos. I am Dutch and it seems the spellings checker has a nervous breakdown)

I find the large font size to be overdone, much like someone who writes in all CAPS. It's shouting for attention. Look at me, I did this! You should go for this! The country feature could be useful, and perhaps enhanced with other tools, as already suggested by another lender here.

Do not like the changes... haven't used nearly $100 in repaid loans because I'm so discouraged, while normally I can hardly wait to use $25. That should tell you about the negative impact the changes are having on me. I'm fed up. Who is in charge of Brandon's decision making?

I actually really like the updates very much. I think it looks much more 2013 than the chart that looks like it was from microsoft excel 1998. Anything you can do to make the site more updated and user friendly is cool! The only thing is apparently everyone who has made over 38 loans or so is in the 99th percentile, so I would like to see more details there (i.e. 35th out of 3000 in the midwest or 198/1,000,000 in the US -- something like that... it would be fun to move up in ranking and you can't with everyone stuck in the 99th percentile) Margaret - nice point you are making by leaving the funds in your account because you are discouraged because of this update to the portfolio page. Get over yourself that is absurd. Keep up the great work Kiva you rock! PS bring on Turkey so I can get 66/64 countries :)

Just saw the new dashboard - love love love it. Thank you.

I like the design of the new dashboard; the only thing that bothers me is I would much rather see my loans (= borrower's pictures) on top than my personal statistics. I don't need and want to see these numbers every time I log in to make a loan, but I'd love to see the progress of loans I contributed to... For statistics I could easily scroll down the page...

I am a huge fan of greater information available to lenders, however some of the statistical information seems to have been lost. I would appreciate it if the new format included somewhere the information from the old one, ie. the "average Kiva user" stats. Also I want to be able to see the exact amount that I have donated to Kiva, not have to calculate it based on working out how many loans I have given.

All of you who have stopped lending because you don't like the font size? Absolutely and utterly ridiculous. It's one thing to suggest changes, like emphasizing the personal touch over the numbers, but boycotting something you otherwise enjoy for font size is one of the more depressing rationales I have read in a long time. Talk about first world problems.

It's only money! And, most comes back. What's not to like? What's to get pumped-up about, eh?

It's only money! And, most comes back. What's not to like? What's to get pumped-up about, eh?

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