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Standouts in Bolivian microfinance: Spotlight on Kiva partners ProMujer and Emprender

Savings Accounts make me way too excited!

It all started with a bijouterie workshop

The Start of Start-up Loans on Kiva

An Ode to the Chicken Bus

Ah yes, the chicken bus.  Aptly-named for the high number of chickens that utilize its services, whether in a cage, with a string tied around their legs or simply held tightly by their caretakers.

Selling stoves in Burkina Faso, a humble field guide

Last week I was lucky enough to join my Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM) colleagues on a field mission in the Ioba province of Burkina Faso, a rural area that borders Ghana.

Update from the Field: Going the distance in Pakistan and putting Kiva Zip together. Plus, a word on the Olympics.

Alighting, Educating and Uplifting – Kiva Zip Trustees in Action

Visiting Kiva borrowers is always a special part of a Fellow’s experience.  Fellows are the lucky ones who actually go out and meet the people that Kiva capital helps.  In some cases we even get to meet the borrowers who we’ve lent money to directly – see Luan & O

The Olympics and Microfinance in the search for Identity

Pakistan: Remarkable women in remarkable places

Racing against the onset of monsoon season and the holy month of fasting, Ramadan, my female colleague Shazia and I challenged ourselves to travel 1,500 km across South Punjab to meet with seven borrowers in three days.


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