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Pakistan: A lizard in the hand is worth several in the bush

My final Borrower Verification trip was to the village of Vehari, visiting Khursheed Bibi. We had attempted to meet her almost a week ago, but the morning of our appointment, her sister had unexpectedly passed away.

What I Left Behind and What I Took With Me

Update from the Field: Women empowerment in Uganda + this is my last Update from the Field :(

Empowering Women through… Videography?

There is good reason why past Kiva Fellows at BRAC Uganda have been impressed with BRAC’s Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescents (ELA) program.

Update from the Field: Borrower Feedback on Innovative Products, Sounds from the Field,

Standouts in Bolivian microfinance: Spotlight on Kiva partners ProMujer and Emprender

Savings Accounts make me way too excited!

It all started with a bijouterie workshop

The Start of Start-up Loans on Kiva

An Ode to the Chicken Bus

Ah yes, the chicken bus.  Aptly-named for the high number of chickens that utilize its services, whether in a cage, with a string tied around their legs or simply held tightly by their caretakers.


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