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Exploring Dordoi with Almaz from AUCA

Growing the Kiva Family: Individual Trustee Spotlight on Davis Mkoji

How to Use a PayBox and Meet Villagers in Georgia

I'm currently in Georgia, working with Kiva partner LLC Credo and photographing Kiva borrowers with successful start-up businesses here.

Mobile technology: Interactuar's newest project in Colombia

When Medellin beat New York and Tel Aviv this year for Wall Street Journal’s “Innovative City of the Year”, news articles reminded everyone of the long way Medellin has come from its dark past as the playground for Pablo Escobar’s drug trade and violent crimes.

More Than A Job

We all work hard.  We all put in time into something we are passionate about.  Or, we exhaust all our efforts into something we believe will make a difference.  Studying for tests.  Crunching numbers in the office.

Culture Shock - Tea and 5 Other Things You Might Not Know About Ukraine

I'm going where? Ukraine!

A Taste of Terror: Kenya's Westgate Attack



The Superfood You've Never Heard of and How it's Educating Orphans

As I sank into the plush seat on the overnight bus toward the Kenyan coast for the first time, I let out a sigh of relief. Nairobi, aptly dubbed “Nairobbery” by locals and expats for the high number of muggings, break-ins, and carjackings, was starting to wear me out.

Vietnam - The sensation of Autumn


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