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Socios dinamicos


Here’s to all the loan officers out there!

Meet a serial entrepreneur


First day in the field

Insight from a friend

A good friend of mine at college who is currently spending the summer in Cairo emailed me a comment in response my post about Mariah Carey being everywhere that I thought was really insightful and well-said and deserved to be shared:

Impalas, Flamingoes and Giraffes…oh my!

I start going out in to the field to meet entrepreneurs tomorrow, so I promise to have more Kiva-related info on here soon. In the meantime, here’s some more about the touristy aspects of my time here…

Warriors of the Light…in Ghana

Takoradi, Western Region, Ghana

Waking up to the refreshing cool air and the morning cockerels crowing around 4:30…is Africa’s “alarm clock”…..not mine!

Mariah Carey is everywhere

Just like home…well, almost


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