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More than Microfinance: How BRAC Uganda Empowers Adolescents

By Michele Wehle, KF15, Uganda

A Movement called No Pago/Un Movimiento se llama No Pago

Welcome Aboard, South Africa!

A Tale of Two Cities: First Impressions of Medellín, Colombia

When I first told my father that Kiva had placed me in Medellín, he asked, “you mean the drug and murder capital of the world?” Er, um, not anymore! I don’t think….

Bringing the French flavour to Kiva in Ecuador/ Un petit goût de France pour Kiva en Equateur

By Aurelie Dagneaux, KF11, Ecuador

The Influence of Choice — Could P2P Funding Introduce Bias?

By Jeremy Gordon, KF11, Kenya

Making microfinance work in cities

By Nadia Anggraini, KF10

Be the spark, light the fire, keep burning

After the Deluge – Election Violence and a Tropical Storm in Mindanao

By Eva Wu, KF9 Philippines


What I’m writing to tell you about is M-PESA! Usually it doesn’t have an exclamation point after it, but I put one there because every time I think about it, I get very excited. M-PESA!


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