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Rwanda – how it became such an inspiring act of modern rebirth

On the plane to Kigali for my Kiva Fellowship at Urwego Opportunity International, I realise that my knowledge of Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills, is limited to the famous mountain gorillas and the tragic history of genocide in 1994.

I have little idea of what the people and the country will be like. Wary of the fact that everyone over 19 years old must have a significant story, I approach the city and its people with cautious optimism. I should not have been worried. Everywhere I go, gracious, smiling and incredibly polite people greet me. With a combination of English, French, Kinyarwanda and Swahili I slowly manage to engage in basic conversations. Kigali radiates a fascinating mix of tranquility and raw energy and it is difficult not to immediately fall in love with the place. 

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