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Women Entrepreneurs in Paraguay: The Eyes (and Smiles) Don’t Lie!

The voice of Rwandan entrepreneurs: 3 women share their lessons for success

A result of entrepreneurial success - a cow like

How Effective is Microcredit, Really?

The latest buzzwords in development nowadays seem to revolve around impact evaluation.

Solar Solutions in Western Kenya - One Woman's Quest to Change Her Community

Does Kiva Have a Place in a Land of Wealth?

After 5 straight weeks of gray skies, cold winds, and not a drop of sunshine, spring is finally here!  Leaves are emerging and flowers are starting to bloom from the previously barren landscape.  The warm weather also means I can finally lose my heavy winter coat for a slightly lighter co

Empanadas de Pino: A Loan Officer's Support for Her Borrowers

An Interview with the Village Bank President

Welcome to the land of dangerous hospitality

Ever fantasized about hitting the road and going deep into the depths of Albania? Chances are slim, but I am here to suggest you should start.

*Note: Danger in the title is not in a reference to issues of personal safety, more danger of the stomach explosion, gain a bunch of weight variety... 

Standing Firmly on the Ground

An Unstable Foundation

Give me 2 minutes and I will show you my Kenyan new home!

After spending three weeks in Kenya (a third one in Tanzania reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro) and having the chance of experiencing the realities of the field as a Kiva Zip fellow I can’t feel more blessed with life for being here.

I define it as opportunity for learning while doing an impact and that is everything I need for my life at the moment. I am having the perfect exposure to gather the strength and confidence I need in order to achieve catalyst change in the way people think and act. Only with the sake of bringing process to humanity.


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