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Los Angeles Father & Son Thank Kiva Zip Lenders

Two Single Moms Bringing a Taste of Venezuela & Colombia to Portland

I heard a lot of great things about Oregon before moving here for the Kiva Fellowship: it's beautiful, no shortage of live music and local food, Portland is where all the “coolest” people from San Francisco eventually move… However, as I set out to get to know K

Getting Robbed & Getting Over It

I'm currently reading Malcolm Gladwell's David and Goliath book. There's a section about London's response to the German blitzkrieg of 1940. Churchill and the rest of the government were worried that people would panic when the expected attack came.

Mobile Banking in Indonesia

The long, lonely road to becoming an engineer in Burkina Faso

Honeymoon in Sierra Leone

Two years ago, back in Dublin, I hatched a plan to become a Kiva Fellow. In Africa, if at all possible.

LA Entrepreneurs Carry on a Gumball Tradition

Indoor Bike Park Hopes to Revitalize Pittsburgh Neighborhood

Pittsburgh is so hot right now.

Spare Parts in Uganda from around the World

Christine teaches me to eat

Cure for the Monday Blues: Penina's Story



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