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Taking Tea in India

What's for Lunch?

The Adventure to Tabletize Microfinance in Kenya!

A Juh

First Day


Four months of weekends, well spent in the Philippines

Journaling: A Disjointed Ode in Prose

Central America: Top Ten Tips and Take-aways

This August, I completed 7 months on the road in Central America with Kiva!  I had once ignorantly assumed homogeneity among Central American countries, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover differences in each city, region, and country that I have visited.

Bridging the Gap: The Trustees of Newark, NJ

Photo Essay: Political Expression through Graffiti

Every city that I have ever visited has been decorated/defaced with lots of colorful graffiti. In some cities, the graffiti is confined to train tunnels, highway overpasses and other functional places that generally lack any kind of redeeming aesthetic qualities.

Treat Each One Like Gold: The Power of Kiva Zip in the U.S.

Prior to becoming a Kiva Zip fellow, I had not seen examples of microlending in the U.S.


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