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The trip that tested my limits more than I would have liked…

I had long known that midway through my volunteering in Senegal, I would be spending 3 weeks in December in Monrovia, Liberia for borrower verification.

Dakar at last! So how does it feel?

I have wanted to visit Dakar for many years. My mom for one, who did her undergraduate studies here in the 1970s, absolutely loved it and I grew up eating Tchiep (fish and rice dish) at my birthdays.


Coffee Changes Lives

I sat still listening to Antonio.  His words carefully descended his hand-written business plan. His dreams on paper.  A sip from sugarcane sweetened, hand-squeezed limonada.

Favorite Moments from My Kiva Fellowship in Tanzania

As I finish my Kiva fellowship in Tanzania, I have mixed feelings.  I am excited to get back to New York with my friends and family but sad to leave the new friends and family I made in Tanzania.  I want to share some of my favorite memories / experiences.  I feel lucky to have had t

Filming for Kiva, Indonesia TAKE FIVE

Filming for Kiva, Indonesia TAKE FIVE

Sabar dance: How to work off those extra pounds gained during the holidays…

First and foremost, happy New Year 2014! Wishing you all a wonderful and fulfilling year!! Quite a memorable New Year’s Eve in Dakar, watching impromptu fireworks from the top floor of my residence…

A Colombian Christmas in Cali


I've Got My Loan, So Now What?

An 'Event-full' Week


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