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Clean Technology and Microfinance at Kiva Zip in Kenya

The Kiva Zip model, based on direct crowd funding from a lender to a borrower through a trustee, supports several key players in the clean technology sector.

The Tro Tro

Old vans clog the streets of every city and village in Ghana.  So old their makes and models are incomprehensible to the untrained eye.  They come in swarming bunches on the street, packed to the brim, arms and heads hanging out of every open window available.  Hogging the lane, spew

3 Must-Know Insights on Kenya, Football and the FIFA World Cup


3 Must-Know Insights on Kenya, Football and the FIFA World Cup


Climate Change Looms Large in Rural Uganda

Visiting Via

Let's Celebrate! Kiva City LA Reunion on May 14

Kiva Partner Stands with #BringBackOurGirls

The story from Nigeria about the young women abducted from their school dormitory has been weighing heavy on me since the media finally started reporting on it.  I took a staff photo today of the Camfed Zimbabwe team showing their solidarity and support of these girls and their families.

Pittsburgh women take on entrepreneurial roles, flipping typical gender dynamics

Janet: Nuru Field Officer, Kiva Borrower, and Mother of Five

Before coming to Isebania, Kenya, I knew little of the daily struggles of a smallholder farmer in the developing world. How his or her year could be determined by the whims of the weather.

Rural India: Where Villages Become Islands

Kiva Zip thaws the credit freeze for small farmers

Robert Breen and Mary E


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