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Waste matter? There's no such thing

"Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting.  We allow them to disperse because we've been ignorant of their value." - R. Buckminister Fuller

"No hay desechos, solo recursos" - Sistema Biobolsa slogan

Far from the towering skyscrapers and traffic-choked avenues of Mexico City's center and well beyond the stylishly furnished office spaces and hipster haunts of an emerging tech and artistic elite in la Condesa and Roma, in parts of the country that can only be reached via long drives on dirt roads that jut off the highway, small farmers are awakening to the existence of an elemental, abundant resource. 

Uganda: Pearl of Africa & source of the Nile

This past weekend I discovered what Kampalans do to escape the hustle & bustle of the city….they go to Jinja! Like any cosmopolitan city it's typical for its residents to fly the coop for the weekend to popular, more relaxing destinations.

Women Entrepreneurs in Paraguay: The Eyes (and Smiles) Don’t Lie!

The voice of Rwandan entrepreneurs: 3 women share their lessons for success

A result of entrepreneurial success - a cow like

How Effective is Microcredit, Really?

The latest buzzwords in development nowadays seem to revolve around impact evaluation.

Solar Solutions in Western Kenya - One Woman's Quest to Change Her Community

Does Kiva Have a Place in a Land of Wealth?

After 5 straight weeks of gray skies, cold winds, and not a drop of sunshine, spring is finally here!  Leaves are emerging and flowers are starting to bloom from the previously barren landscape.  The warm weather also means I can finally lose my heavy winter coat for a slightly lighter co

Empanadas de Pino: A Loan Officer's Support for Her Borrowers

An Interview with the Village Bank President

Welcome to the land of dangerous hospitality

Ever fantasized about hitting the road and going deep into the depths of Albania? Chances are slim, but I am here to suggest you should start.

*Note: Danger in the title is not in a reference to issues of personal safety, more danger of the stomach explosion, gain a bunch of weight variety... 


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