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Filming for Kiva, ACTION

Kentucky Girl Travels All the Way to Tanzania to Try ….KFC ???

One of my favorite weekend activities in New York City is to go out to eat with my husband and try new restaurants.

Taking Tea in India

What's for Lunch?

The Adventure to Tabletize Microfinance in Kenya!

A Juh

First Day


Four months of weekends, well spent in the Philippines

Journaling: A Disjointed Ode in Prose

Central America: Top Ten Tips and Take-aways

This August, I completed 7 months on the road in Central America with Kiva!  I had once ignorantly assumed homogeneity among Central American countries, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover differences in each city, region, and country that I have visited.

Bridging the Gap: The Trustees of Newark, NJ


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