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Mobile Banking in Indonesia

The long, lonely road to becoming an engineer in Burkina Faso

Honeymoon in Sierra Leone

Two years ago, back in Dublin, I hatched a plan to become a Kiva Fellow. In Africa, if at all possible.

LA Entrepreneurs Carry on a Gumball Tradition

Indoor Bike Park Hopes to Revitalize Pittsburgh Neighborhood

Pittsburgh is so hot right now.

Spare Parts in Uganda from around the World

Christine teaches me to eat

Cure for the Monday Blues: Penina's Story


The trip that tested my limits more than I would have liked…

I had long known that midway through my volunteering in Senegal, I would be spending 3 weeks in December in Monrovia, Liberia for borrower verification.

Dakar at last! So how does it feel?

I have wanted to visit Dakar for many years. My mom for one, who did her undergraduate studies here in the 1970s, absolutely loved it and I grew up eating Tchiep (fish and rice dish) at my birthdays.



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