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Kiva-Powered Education in Uganda

Ever thought about investing in a milk bar?

When a mzungu meets a Kenya

Renew Richmond: Changing the Landscape of Food Access

“I built toilets for my kids and a shed for my that bad?”

Florence and her c

Market Stands Strong, Through Fire and Violent Attacks

Entrepreneurship, Clean Cookstoves and Kiva Zip

Our trustee Kelvin Wambugu

Watching an Army Assemble in Zimbabwe

One Business is Rarely Enough

Clean Technology and Microfinance at Kiva Zip in Kenya

The Kiva Zip model, based on direct crowd funding from a lender to a borrower through a trustee, supports several key players in the clean technology sector.

The Tro Tro

Old vans clog the streets of every city and village in Ghana.  So old their makes and models are incomprehensible to the untrained eye.  They come in swarming bunches on the street, packed to the brim, arms and heads hanging out of every open window available.  Hogging the lane, spew


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