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Durga Puja- West Bengal’s Biggest Festival

Indians work hard- typically six days a week, so when the festival season arrives, everyone is ready to don new clothes and celebrate.

Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10

Mini fresh market


We can all remember an incident in our lives that resulted in a significant, unexpected change of direction. Maybe it was meeting your spouse, maybe a temporary or summer job which opened your eyes to a career you never thought of for you.

Troughs, Battles and Mothers

Filming for Kiva, Philippines Take THREE

If I could sum up this day in a couple words, I would say "emotional rollercoaster". The day just seemed like a series of good and bad news that resulted in phenomenal footage. And so it began...

The Challenges of a Loan Officer

Loan officers are ambassadors in their communities; they are the liaisons between their employers, the Microfinance Institutes, and the borrowers. They are responsible for identifying responsible clients, ensuring they repay their loans on time, and fostering ongoing relationships with them.

Filming for Kiva, Philippines Take TWO

I have some good news and some bad news...

A Portrait of Peru

The majesty of Peru extends far beyond Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.

What Everyone Ought To Know To Avoid Looking Like A Naive Tourist In Nairobi

Filming for Kiva, Take ONE

9:00am Departure to Bayawan, Philippines


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