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Above and Beyond Microcredit: Kiva Field Partners with a Social Mission

Things I Won't Tell My Mom (shoot, she's probably reading this)

10 Observations of Zimbabwe

No such thing as bad luck: True Grit in Lima

Photograph by Zach Land-Miller, KF23

Photo Essay: Spirit of Survival in Africa's Largest Slum

Check out Kiva's most recent Exposure post, featuring inspiring stories of borrowers doing everything from sheltering orphans to creating a safe space for HIV-positive people:

Stunning Sights From Medellin´s Feria de Las Flores


A Kiva Zip Borrower Honors Her Lenders with Product Names

‘I am a Refugee'

“We don’t think life can be more bad than here in Kenya right now…. we wish this to end soon,” says Joyce a 19-year-old Congolese refugee and single mother of two. 

Acts of Kindness: A Dedication to a Loving Mother

Colombia and Kenya? An Unlikely Pair....


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