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12 Secrets to Traveling Across Ukraine

1. If you’re traveling with a significant other, bring a padlock. (Don't worry, it's only for the Bridge of Love)

Extending the reach of microfinance: organic rice in the Philippines

Recap: Kiva Zip Launch in Oregon!

Last week I felt like a star. I had a gymnasium full of people who either knew me or had heard of me. I had a rockstar team of Kiva employees doing my bidding. And to top it all off, someone made me a cake.

The Women of MCDT


Achieving the American Dream

Happy Fourth of July!

Venturing into Kibera

Costa Rica: Connecting People through Pork?

I'm a vegetarian. However, there are occasionally times when I relent and consume meat, especially if it's offered and refusal means either going hungry or—worse—being rude. Even this reluctant acceptance of the occasional meaty meal has its limits, though.

Growing Peppers, Cultivating Businesses

Shaun Winter with his Hot Winter hot sauce

Peru: Over the river and through the woods to visit Kiva borrowers we go!

Alright, you caught me. No rivers were forded, nor were any woods traversed. Mostly dirt roads were traveled on and hillsides were (carefully) climbed.

Southeast Asian hospitality

They say that no matter where you’re from, the Philippines is like home. After spending my first few weeks here, I have to say it certainly gives off that 'homey' vibe.


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