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Cabo Verde, meu Amor

Welcome to Fogo

A Less Self-Conscious Carnaval in Asuncion, Paraguay?

"Are you going to Carnaval tonight?" the Taxi driver asked me in Spanish.  Newly aware that I had not, as I'd thought, missed Carnaval season, my answer was a pleasantly surprised "heck yeah, I wouldn't miss it!"

Hope, and doubt, south of Sahara

The view on sub-Saharan Africa is changing. No longer do stories of tribal wars, starving children and endemic diseases dominate the updates from the region. A new, more hopeful and optimistic picture is emerging; a reality of solid GDP-growth, more widely practiced reasonably free and fair elections, and a wealth of natural resources that range from oil and gas to diamonds and rare minerals.

Everywhere people talk about sub-Saharan Africa as a great investment opportunity. Indeed, money, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs pour into the region to grab a share of its seemingly endless potential.'s what's for dinner!

As a life-long foodie one of my burning questions before coming to Uganda was “what is the food like?” After two and half months in Kampala I’ve had my share of Ugandan food both in the city and in the village.

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Guatemala

Of Baby Animals and Borrowers in Selenge

The man I can't stop thinking about

This month I was lucky enough to meet a man that made a tremendously deep impact on me and I can't shake the image of his face from my mind.  Please allow me to introduce Hamit, an entrepreneurial pig farmer living in the Korca region in the south of Albania that I had the pleasure of meeting on a recent field visit.
Hamit, a sixty-five-year-old Romani man from the Roma ethnic community of Albanian, showed me exactly why Kiva is desperately needed in Albania.

Guatemala: Kiva Kitchen Exchange [Spinach Artichoke Dip - recipe and VIDEO included]

In early February, I interviewed female borrowers

Artificially Sweetened Development

Usually when I've been in places that I declare to be "artificial" I am thinking of a Disney theme, or a place like Cabo San Lucas or Cancun - southern California or Florida transported to Mexico - a place which bears little resemblance to what it would be like if it weren't for t


It is certainly a good question. One that we should always keep in mind as we advance in our life paths. Answering it accordingly should be enough to further one’s mission, or at least to keep oneself well motivated when the horizon does not look that clear. That mission is unique for every one of us and for my case in particular, a unique one in the field of microfinance.


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