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Party Like it's 1799/The Idyllic Dacha Life

A cool two-hour drive downriver from the still-entombed (yet unstable) Chernobyl nuclear disaster site stands Ukraine's capital city Kyiv (Kiev).

Kiva Zip Richmond: Finding my way into the city’s Economic Development landscape

View from my bal

Anita moves on...thanks to you!

You knew about the lending bit, but did you know you are also instrumental in creating challenging jobs for talented people all over the globe? You bet!

Kiva Zip holds Information Session in Pittsburgh

Food and Farming in Palestine

A taste of the Philippines

Day in the Life of a Zip Fellow

I am the first zip fellow to be placed in my hometown Akron, Ohio and here is a look at day in my life early in my fellowship.

Reaching the Rural: The Vulnerable Services Unit at KREDIT

A vibrant rice paddy during the

Invasion of the Mzungu

Chai Lattes and Mobile Offices - The Kiva Fellows' Life

Every day friends and family ask me, “What do you do as a Kiva Fellow in the Bay Area?” and every time my answer is slightly different, depending on which day you ask. So I wanted to take the time and share with you what one day is like as a Kiva Fellow in the US.


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