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The Aftermath of Ferguson: Making a Road Map for Change

Ferguson, the ‘F’ word that’s guaranteed to divide a room into defensive ideological camps along the lines of who was right, who was wrong, and how to make it better.

Shop Small, Invest Big

This holiday season, let’s put our dollars where we want them- in the hands of the people building and shaping our communities.

5 Essential Skills Every Kiva Fellow Needs and How To Develop Them at Home

Give a man a chance - Don't forget about supporting male borrowers!

The Power of a Loan and a Business Savvy Woman.

Roadtripping in Timor-Leste

I’ve been on quite a few roadtrips in my life, but this past month in Timor-Leste I embarked on the ultimate roadtripping adventure, complete with dusty dirt roads, winding seaside cliffs, steep rocky mountains, new friends picked up along the way, overnights in obscure places, a five-song Bob Marl

Nerdfighters, Hiddlestoners, and Detroiters: UNITE!

"Balloon Flower" by Koons

A small business is a small business is a small business...

Statue of Liberty

Life Under a Mosquito Net

Life under a mosquito net is anything but ordinary; it’s extraordinary.

How Do You Find a Borrower in Rural Kosovo?

Here’s a pop quiz question: how do you find a borrower in rural Kosovo?

How about when no one has their address, and the loan officer handling their case has left the microfinance partner organization you’re working with?


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