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Photo Essay: Spirit of Survival in Africa's Largest Slum

Check out Kiva's most recent Exposure post, featuring inspiring stories of borrowers doing everything from sheltering orphans to creating a safe space for HIV-positive people:

Stunning Sights From Medellin´s Feria de Las Flores


A Kiva Zip Borrower Honors Her Lenders with Product Names

‘I am a Refugee'

“We don’t think life can be more bad than here in Kenya right now…. we wish this to end soon,” says Joyce a 19-year-old Congolese refugee and single mother of two. 

Acts of Kindness: A Dedication to a Loving Mother

Colombia and Kenya? An Unlikely Pair....

The Art of Waiting in Kenya

Village view from a matatu

The Joys of a Mobile Loan Tool, and an Old-School Office

Kenya's Women Beekeepers

Big Smiles in Small Town Western Uganda

My Kiva Fellowship recently led me on a 930km trip through Western Uganda, where I visited a variety of borrowers living in rural areas. Although the journey was long and full of dust, sweat and bumpy roads, there were also many laughs, delicious foods and wonderful people along the way.


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