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Costa Rica: Social Change, One Cup at a Time

Going to bars or clubs before they open is always strange: music is loudly thumping, lights are moving festively across walls and floors and bartenders are standing at the ready with bottles open and kegs tapped.

Newark, NJ: Kiva’s newest Kiva City!

Kenneth, Kiva Zip and Klean Energy

Kenneth holds up his kerosene lantern and proudly says, “I won’t need this one anymore!” He wipes the dust off the table and asks us to sit down. We follow his offer and start listening to his story.

Leeretta's The Legacy Café nears grand opening

Leeretta Payne was speaking to a group of potential Kiva Zip borrowers at the Pittsburgh Public Market last week when she paused and gave a fundamental piece of advice: don't borrow more than you need and know exactly, down to the penny, for what you are going to use the loan.

Party Like it's 1799/The Idyllic Dacha Life

A cool two-hour drive downriver from the still-entombed (yet unstable) Chernobyl nuclear disaster site stands Ukraine's capital city Kyiv (Kiev).

Kiva Zip Richmond: Finding my way into the city’s Economic Development landscape

View from my bal

Anita moves on...thanks to you!

You knew about the lending bit, but did you know you are also instrumental in creating challenging jobs for talented people all over the globe? You bet!

Kiva Zip holds Information Session in Pittsburgh

Food and Farming in Palestine

A taste of the Philippines


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