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Keeping the Social Flag Flying in Kyrgyzstan

Costa Rican Kitchen Design Hits Zimbabwe

Rural communities in Costa Rica and Zimbabwe face similar challenges. I witnessed some of the knowledge sharing that is helping address issues in kitchens continents apart.

International Women's Day the Zimbabwean Way

What better time to showcase the amazing endurance and entrepreneurial spirit of Zimbabwean women than on International Women’s Day?

Fast and Furious: Tajik Drift

I am sitting in a Lada 1500, zooming down a pothole-filled tarmac road in the middle of nowhere, Tajikistan. This is a 2004 Russian-made car, which at its time of production had a few enhancements that included a clock and improved sound-proofing.

Inside a Zimbabwean rural home

We’d left at 6.30 in the morning, and travelled several hours through the district of Guruve, in Northern Zimbabwe, along increasingly potholed, flooded and narrow ‘roads’.

Empowering Women Farmers in Kenya

For three days in February, I visited Kiva borrowers in Nyanza Province near Lake Victoria in the southwest of Kenya. The visits took me to the city of Kisii and the nearby towns of Nyamira and Kenyenya via countless pickup truck, boda-boda, and matatu rides. Although it was invaluable to see a side of Kenya other than my base of Nairobi, the remoteness of the region gave me a new appreciation for the hard work that Kiva partners put in to service our clients.

A typical farm road in Kisii County

Handing Out Money is Anything but Boring

Motbung bra

Guinea Pigs - Better Served as Pets or Meals?

Are guinea pigs better served as pets or meals?  This is one question I never thought I would have the opportunity to answer.  

There's Something About Munara...

Danni's Secret Recipe from Ecuador


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