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From CA to CO - The Difference of a Letter

It Takes a Village

Last Friday, I was invited to the community assembly in La Suiza, Costa Rica. This assembly takes place every two years to vote for the Credit Committee’s Board of Directors.

The Garissa Attack - What It Means For My Time in Kenya

A Glimpse Inside the Life of an Empowered Borrower

During one of my routine field visits, I had the pleasure of meeting an incredible woman.  Pascaline, a very confident and friendly woman, welcomed me with wide open arms and made me feel very comfortable.

Laundry Day in a Water Shortage

Rebuilding After Osh Conflict: 5 Years On

Start-ups in rural Tajikistan

“Start-ups” is currently a big buzz word all across the developed world – from San Francisco to Istanbul to Singapore, aspiring entrepreneurs are having a go at starting their next company hoping to make it big one day.

You CAN Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too!

Julia in her bakery

The Biggest Little Hardware Store in Luwera, Uganda

Carne Asada: A Recipe for Success

Daysi dreams of having her own restaurant. She pictures a comfortable place for families to come, enjoy, and eat. One day, she hopes to make her restaurant her sole source of income. 


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