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Guinea Pigs - Better Served as Pets or Meals?

Are guinea pigs better served as pets or meals?  This is one question I never thought I would have the opportunity to answer.  

There's Something About Munara...

Danni's Secret Recipe from Ecuador

(Baby) Food for Thought

Small is Beautiful

Afa, Farhad and our Trusy Lada

Three Bright Ways to Sell a Solar Lamp in Indonesia

Running not one, but a few businesses


Building - and Climbing - the Financial Inclusion Ladder

Bennie, an Accion East client, at a construction site

An Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

Rethinking Women in the Middle East

If you ask a group of people what they consider to be the most impressive part about the Middle East, they’ll likely mention something regarding its historical sites or rich cultural diversity.  While both factors are obviously worthy of mention, what continues to inspire me about this region


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