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Alix is a 20-year-old student whose family left their home in Burundi in 2014 and became refugees in Rwanda. Her parents inspired her to pursue a college degree, and she received a laptop loan from Kiva lenders.

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day next week? Here at Kiva, we’re celebrating by rallying to fund 10,000 women entrepreneurs in one week!

Catherine successfully started and grew a farming business with the help of a Kiva loan to purchase cows and goats.

Jean Pierre from Rwanda had never used a laptop before he received his loan.

Souad helped Samira take out a loan to start a wedding dress rental business that has flourished.

Money is powerful, especially in the hands of women determined to create change.

Flordelisa is a hard working woman in the Philippines who puts her children above all.

Kiva started with a radical idea twelve years ago. Would people lend small amounts of money to complete strangers on the other side of the world to help alleviate poverty?

With all the news headlines, it’s hard to know how any one of us can make a difference, but across the globe, women are taking a stand and making a change.

Borrowers like Betty, a mother and entrepreneur in the Philippines, demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit and inspire us to keep going even when things get tough.

Please enjoy the story of Myrian, an artisan and passionate mother from Paraguay, as she reflects on her own gratitude for the Kiva community.

A loan of $575 helped Sunaphula purchase two cows for her dairy farm. Thanks to lenders like you, it's been possible for Sunaphula to earn a living by selling the milk produced by the cows.