Update From The Field: a New Perspective from Mexico, Second Chances for Borrowers + a Microfinance Medical Mission

Compiled by Allison Moomey | KF16 & KF17 | Bénin

Kiyomi photographs a very blue river at the Aguas Azules Waterfalls in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

Deep into the world of profile posting, repayment reporting, and borrower verifications, Kiva Fellows have been reflecting on the contrasts between their previous lives and their lives in the field. Kiyomi discovers a new side to neighboring Mexico, Micaela humorously presents the her differing reactions to office problems in Mozambique vs. New York, and Allison learns that directions are not the same where streets have no names. Jamie discovers that medical missions don’t look quite like Grey’s Anatomy, and DJ discusses the limited options for rejected borrowers in Georgia.

Getting to Know the Real Mexico
Kiyomi Beach | KF17 | Mexico
Kiyomi learns that Mexico is far more culturally diverse than she initially realized. She presents the variety of cultures, languages, geographic features, and religious practices she has uncovered thus far.

My Favorite Kind of Scavenger Hunt… The Borrower Verification
Allison Moomey | KF16 & KF17 | Bénin
Allison is presented with the challenge to finish 10 borrower verification visits in just a day and a half… without the loan officer who knows the way. Equipped with a great driver and creative African directions, she is able to beat the clock.

Solutions to Common Office Problems: New York City vs. Rural Mozambique
Micaela Browning | KF17 | Mozambique
Micaela will have you laughing as she compares the common office problems she encounters in New York and Mozambique yet contrasts her response to them.

Second Chances (Part 2)
DJ Forza | KF16 | Georgia
DJ discusses the delicate balance of providing economic opportunity for the lowest-income clients while also protecting them from over-indebtedness and Credo’s innovative solution to addressing these needs.

This is Definitely Not “Grey’s Anatomy”: Microfinance Medical Mission on Pitogo Island
Jamie Greenthal | KF 17 | Philippines
One of Kiva’s partner institutions, CEVI, provides a unique product in the form of a free medical clinic. Watch Jamie’s video of their work that is meeting not only the financial needs but social needs of clients and others in the community they serve.

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Plus more pictures from the past week:

Pitogo Island- Jamie Greenthal, Philippines

A Kiva borrower in Oaxaca- Kiyomi Beach, Mexico

CREDO's campaign to warn clients of the perils of overindebtedness- DJ Forza, Georgia

On the way to visit a client- Micaela Browning, Mozambique

A great start to a borrower verification in Cotonou- Allison Moomey, Bénin

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