Sound Scenes from the Field

As I spend more time here in New Orleans — and as I get ready to depart — I have started to appreciate the daily sounds I take for granted. Just as important as the visual scenery, sounds can transport us to faraway locations.

In the past months, Kiva Fellows have shared video stories, insights on public transportation and accounts of our excursions into the field, but we’d like to invite you to experience our everyday lives through sound. Below are some clips that a few of us recorded in our various countries. Can you tell what they’re of or where they were recorded? Give us your best guess in the comments!

Hint: they’re from current fellows. I’ll post the answers in the comments in a few days.

Sound #1

Download: sound-scenes.m4a

Sound #2

Download: sound-scenes-2.m4a

Sound #3

Download: sound-scenes-3.m4a

Sound #4

Download: sound-scenes-4.m4a

Sound #5

Download: sound-scenes-5.m4a

Sound #6

Download: sound-scenes-6.m4a

Meredith Pierce is a Kiva Fellow working with ASI Federal Credit Union and Good Work Network in New Orleans, LA. Check out the Kiva New Orleans page for more information.

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