Presents 2006 Institutional Action Plan, and Partners with ASOD, Bangladesh

Premal Shah today presented's 2006 Institutional Action Plan to the Council of Advocates and Parliamentarians at the Global Microcredit Summit in Halifax. has been recognized as a powerful advocate of microcredit to the public via the website, and as such are honored to have been invited to share the 2006 IAP with an audience at the Summit. today also finalized a partnership with ASOD (Assistance for Social Organization and Development) in Bangladesh: ASOD was established in 1985 as a non-profit organization based in Dhaka, whose mission is to "Enhance capacity building of the service providers and community people by providing need based support, technical assistance and oversights in order to effect positive change in the society through utilization and mobilization of local resources and community participation, directing towards a sustainable development where people can enjoy equitable development opportunities and services for leading a minimum standard of life." Director of Microfinance Partnerships Chelsa Bocci and Md. Taskinur Rahman, Chief Executive of ASOD, today signed's Hosting Agreement at the Global Microcredit Summit in Halifax. looks forward to giving Kiva Lenders the opportunity to connect with an entrepreneur in Bangladesh, and to many successful years of working with ASOD.

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