Kenyan Kiva borrower identified in Reuters news story

Reuters recently picked up a story published by IRIN, titled "UGANDA: More Kenyan displaced arriving at refugee centres."
A man by the name of Danson Ng'ang'a was interviewed in the story. A past Kiva Fellow noticed the interview in the article, and suspected the man interviewed was a Kiva borrower he met in Kenya. Kiva has contacted the journalist, who confirmed that the identity of the man is indeed Kiva borrower Danson Ng'ang'a, a dairy farmer operating out of Malaba - Teso District, Kenya.

We are glad to have been able to pass on information to Kiva Field Partner PEMCI of Danson's last location, and that he and his family are not hurt.

Our thoughts are with all Kiva borrowers, Field Partner staff, and their families at this time.

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Fiona Ramsey