Jessica's loan gave her wings as a flight attendant

Jessica grew up in Manipur, India, and always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. She believed that working in aviation would make her dreams come true. In a region where access to finance is difficult, this path is sometimes the only option to escape economic hardship. 

Jessica’s family faced many financial problems and depended on her father’s government employee salary to make ends meet. His income was not sufficient to support his three children in pursuit of professional fields. But that didn’t stop Jessica from pursuing her dream. 

After applying to be a flight attendant and facing the competitive interview process, Jessica was hired from hundreds of job applicants. The only thing that stood in her way was the fee for mandatory cabin crew training. 

Then, one of Jessica’s friends introduced her to Kiva. “It was such a great relief when I learned about such an amazing organization that gave financial help to the poor,” said Jessica.  Her loan covered the mandatory cabin training fee. 

“The loan gave me wings,” says Jessica. “I am living the dream.”

“The loan money will act as a bridge to lead me to a successful career,” Jessica says. One day, she aspires to work for an international airline. She hopes to support her family financially and provide her siblings with a better education so that they can achieve their dreams, too. Later on, she wants to pay it forward by investing in others who need financial help to pursue a career. 

“You have touched my life through Kiva and I hope in the future I too will do the same for other underprivileged people like me. My heartfelt thanks goes out to you.”

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About the author

Channing Fisher.

Channing first witnessed the ability of entrepreneurship to empower people while studying Spanish in Guatemala. Throughout college, she became interested in microfinance while working in business development in the Netherlands and studying the effects of tourism on Caribbean economies. After graduating from Principia College in 2018 with degrees in Political Science and Business, she began work for a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit and later found Kiva. She's passionate about communicating and sharing the work done at Kiva and elsewhere in the international development space.