A Warm Welcome to the Kiva Fellows Trainees Class KF6

Congratulations to all Kiva Fellows Trainees who have made it through the second long day of training for the KF6 Class.

For those who don't know, Kiva Fellows are volunteers who work with Kiva Field Partners for a minimum of 10 weeks (some as long as 1 year!) to contribute towards the partnership in a myriad of ways. Kiva runs training programs for Kiva Fellows four times a year, and we currently have 30 trainees for Class KF6 (obviously KF1 is the first group of Fellows we had) at Kiva HQ in San Francisco.

Guaranteed it will be a long week as there's a lot to learn, but also guaranteed is that it will be worth it!

Here's a pic of Hind Tazi, Microfinance Partnerships Manager for Middle East and North Africa, running one of the break-out sessions:

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