Kiva receives a broad range of support from a diverse set of corporations and foundations. From discounted services and free software, to grants and financial backing, Kiva is grateful for each partner that helps us achieve our mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. (Please note that the corporations and foundations listed have made contributions of either grants, loan funds, equipment or services in the last 30 months.)

Support of $5 million or more

The HP Company Foundation is proud to partner with Kiva on an innovative 5-year partnership called Matter to a Million. This pioneering program is a unique opportunity for HP employees globally to support thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. 

Support of $1 million or more

MetLife Foundation, which has a global focus on financial inclusion, is supporting the launch of Kiva Zip NYC and matching loans to Kiva Zip NYC borrowers over three years. 
Grameen-Jameel Microfinance Ltd. is the first social business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), focusing to alleviate poverty in the region. Their $1M contribution is an important step in a long-term alliance to raise awareness, drive action, and empower entrepreneurs in the Middle East and beyond. 
Google awarded Kiva a Global Impact Award for flexible microfinance to reach millions more people through its Kiva Labs initiative.

As part of its California Partnership initiative, Chevron Corporation awarded a two-year $1 million grant to Kiva to assist with operational needs across the organization.

Moody's is applying its experience in credit ratings and credit risk management to help Kiva's Field Partners enhance their lending practices and bring greater transparency to Kiva's online microfinance marketplace.

Support of $500k to $1 million

The Pershing Square Foundation supports exceptional leaders and innovative organizations that tackle important social issues and deliver scalable and sustainable impact. In 2014, the Foundation provided a grant and a matching loan fund to help launch "Kiva Zip New York City".
The Cisco Foundation is a proud supporter of Kiva's efforts to catalyze access to new populations and the development of innovative flexibe credit products adapted to the unique needs of microfinance clients though the Kiva Labs initiative.

Citi is the founding sponsor of Kiva U, a movement of students and educators to become global citizens changing the world through microfinance.

Capital One is proud to support Kiva with a generous grant to launch Kiva City DC, expand the Kiva Zip pilot and provide loan matching for borrowers across the U.S.
TripAdvisor launched a reviewer engagement program in 2013. When people wrote a review in one of the countries where Kiva operates, they received a free $25 Kiva Card. TripAdvisor also gave every employee a $25 Kiva Card.

Research Now is proud to support Kiva through a promotional loan fund for employees, clients and survey respondents, the formation of a Kiva lending team, as well as providing operational support to help Kiva scale. 

Dermalogica joined Kiva in launching the joinFITE campaign. is the first global open microlending platform designed to engage innovative technology and consumer action online, offline, and through novel strategic partnerships.

Support of $250k to $500k

Support of $100k to $250k

Support of $50k to $100k