Financial Statements & Tax Filings

Kiva Microfunds (“Kiva”) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization founded in 2005 with a mission of connecting people through lending to help alleviate global poverty. Kiva empowers individuals (“Lenders”) to lend to low-income borrowers around the world. Kiva partners with a global network of Microfinance and other institutions (“Field Partners) to help identify, select and support borrowers across the 65+ countries where Kiva works. Financial and tax statements for Kiva Microfunds represent the organization’s operating funds.

Separate from Kiva Microfunds is Kiva User Funds, LLC (“KUF”). KUF is a California LLC whose sole member is Kiva. KUF was established to maintain a separation between the holdings of Kiva Microfunds and Kiva User Funds, thereby ensuring that the funds held by Kiva’s Lenders are distinct from funds that are designated for Kiva’s operations.

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2011 Kiva Annual Report   (pdf only)