Jan 30, 2017 KV Kiva HQ
By Maria Oliveira-...
Welcoming our 32nd class of Kiva Fellows

Our 32nd fellows class was in the house this past week at Kiva’s San Francisco headquarters, further strengthening our vibrant community! They bonded as a team as they learned about Kiva's overall strategy, our amazing Field Partners, our core operations, and many other interesting topics that prepared them to carry our mission to the field. Hailing from Mali to Moldova, from Canada to China, from Brazil to Zimbabwe and Swaziland - this incredibly diverse and impressive class will serve 50 of our international Field Partners across 30 countries (wow!).  Here is a sampling of what the week entailed:

Best of luck in the field, KF32!


Good luck to them all and thanks for doing it. As a major Kiva editor, I review a lot of loans. And I am sure the importance of the photo has been impressed on you, so please really do explain to the FP's that the photo needs to be: Subject(s) IN THE SUN ... no sun behind them please. Not in the shadows of a building/shop. Get in closer ... many images are taken too far away. Have them SMILE ... I know it is not always a given in many cultures to grin at the camera, but it sure will help 'sell' their loan. Lenders relate immediately to smiles and not glum, blank faces. Thanks

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