Mar 20, 2013 KV Kiva HQ
By Camille Ricketts
Watch President Bill Clinton launch Kiva City Little Rock!
Here at Kiva, we were honored and thrilled last week to have President Bill Clinton launch our newest Kiva City program in Little Rock, Arkansas!

Hundreds gathered at William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park to celebrate the launch of Kiva City Little Rock -- including many of the small business owners raising loans on Kiva! 

Partnering with Visa and microfinance organization Accion Texas, Kiva is now offering $25 loans in the Little Rock Area -- giving lenders everywhere the chance to empower a small business and help create employment in a state where local enterprise provides half of all jobs!

Watch President Clinton introduce the program here:

Make a loan in Little Rock today and do your part for economic recovery. It all starts at

Big thanks to the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation for help making this possible!


First and foremost, I appreciate you people for up lifting small business people with loans that can make their lives better in future. I think in future it will also be accessible to some of us who have that need. A person like me, Iam in need of it seriously to boom my small business that is farming section and later alone a loan for building house to live in because per now Iam renting and sometimes it is difficult when it comes to the paying the landlord. thanks. Hopping to here from you anytime.

If you are interested in participating, visit for more information.

Fantastic that we're able to support local communities as well as communities worldwide. Just a side note/question: I know Bill Clinton earns some of the highest speaking fees, averaging around $500,000 per speech. I hope that wasn't funded by Kiva or loans from Accion Texas! Tell me he did this for free!

I was wondering the same thing. I have worked with small celebs before, and they get paid to do this kind of thing, or at the very, very least, all their expenses are paid for, or reimbursed for and then some, instead of calling it a direct "payment for speaking". And I think or hope his fee is closer to the 250K range , but usually when they get that kind of money, they are speaking for an hour or more. He is more likely involved as a board member to one of the financial institutions that backs Kiva, and made an appearance for expenses only and hopefully because he genuinely cares.

I'm pretty positive there was no fee for Bill's appearance. As you may have noticed, he was speaking at the Clinton Library, and he already needed to be on location due to a fundraiser happening the next day. He already has an apartment in the Clinton library, so there'd be very little in terms of expenses required for him.

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